T-7A Red Hawk

              T-7A Red Hawk

              Future generations of U.S. Air Force pilots will train using this all-new advanced pilot training system.


              T-X pilot in flight

              Pilots' View: Check out this 360 degree video of the T-7A in flight. For the full 360 degree experience, please use Firefox or Chrome. To watch on Facebook or YouTube using a mobile device, please use the Facebook or YouTube app.

              The T-7A Red Hawk is an all-new advanced pilot training system designed for the U.S. Air Force that will train the next generation of fighter and bomber pilots for decades to come.

              Designed using a digital thread, the T-7A aligns with the U.S. Air Force’s Digital Century Series strategy by enabling the integration of new concepts and capabilities faster and more affordably through virtual testing.

              The Red Hawk builds off the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, paying tribute to the legends of the past and the heroes of the future.

              A DIGITAL DESIGN

              Boeing’s T-7A Red Hawk was purpose-built to include provisions for growth, improve supportability and innovate a maintenance-friendly design. The aircraft was built with digital engineering processes, agile software development and an open architecture mission system to enable more rapid, affordable future aircraft development. These modern, computer-driven manufacturing techniques serve as an enabler for the U.S. Air Force’s Digital Century Series strategy while additionally increasing the supply base choices.

              Compared to traditional aircraft development programs, T-7A experienced:

              • A 75% increase improvement in first-time engineering quality
              • An 80% reduction in assembly hours
              • A 50% reduction in software development and verification time


              The T-7A went from concept to first flight in three years as a result of a “breaking the norm” paradigm that includes a modular design of the aircraft developed specifically for maintainers, highly immersive training and offloading of skills and advanced fighter-like performance features that are commensurate with today’s 4th and 5th-gen fighter aircraft.

              Ground-Based Training Systems (GBTS), encompassing a full range of physical devices and instructional techniques, will prepare students for and supplement training conducted in the T-7A. The aircraft is a flexible, modifiable solution that adapts easily to people, software and systems so future technologies can be easily implemented, pilots can adjust to their personal preferences and the entire system can be applied to other missions. By adapting to changing technologies and learning methods, and by downloading more expensive training, the T-7A produces better prepared pilots in less time.

              The T-7A’s design includes provisions for growth as requirements evolve for additional missions such as an aggressor, light attack / fighter variant.


              The T-7A’s purpose-built digital approach and immersive development techniques validated supportability issues and innovated a maintenance-friendly design throughout, increasing availability and lowering sustainment costs. Additionally, common sub-systems with 4th and 5th-gen fighters allows the use of existing maintenance infrastructure, further lowering life cycle costs.

              The Red Hawk’s fighter-like design and performance, combined with embedded and live virtual constructive training, allows the download of training tasks from the existing fleet to a lesser cost platform while simultaneously delivering realistic training solutions that better prepare pilots for the training mission.

              With key maintenance features that greatly improve mean time to repair – including high wing, easy access doors, and quick release panels – the T-7A is an affordable, reliable solution.


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              New T-7A Red Hawk honors legends of the past and heroes of the future

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              Boeing T-X Takes Off

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              Boeing T-X Sees the Light

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              T-X Timeline

              Sept. 14, 2020 U.S. Air Force introduces e-Series engineered line and credits the T-7A Red Hawk as a leader of this digital revolution
              July 21, 2020 Boeing and the U.S. Air Force conduct third T-7A Red Hawk advanced trainer flight test summit
              July 14, 2020 Boeing T-7A completes inverted flight test
              Apr. 22, 2020 T-7A advanced trainer records 11 flights in one week
              Apr. 3, 2020 T-7A Red Hawk ground-based training system achieves Critical Design Review
              Mar. 12, 2020 T-7A aircraft conduct six flights within nine hours
              Feb. 27, 2020 Boeing T-7A Crew Shuts Off, Restarts Engine in Flight to Demonstrate Reliability
              Oct. 24, 2019 Boeing T-7A Awarded Aviation Week’s “Game Changer Award”
              Sept. 16, 2019 U.S. Air Force announces the official service name of the aircraft as the T-7A Red Hawk
              Aug. 6, 2019 Boeing T-X conducts its 100th flight
              July 1, 2019 Boeing T-X makes its first, official Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) flight test
              Sept. 27, 2018 Boeing Wins U.S. Air Force T-X Pilot Training Program Contract
              Sept. 18, 2017 Saab Offers U.S. Based Production Capability for T-X Trainer Aircraft
              June 26, 2017 Boeing submits flight test data for T-X proposal – two days ahead of schedule
              May 15, 2017 Boeing selects St. Louis for T-X final assembly and checkout
              April 27, 2017 Both Boeing T-X aircraft take to the skies, together in flight
              April 24, 2017 Second Boeing T-X makes first flight
              April 20, 2017 Second Boeing T-X aircraft taxis
              March 28, 2017 Boeing submits U.S. Air Force Advanced Pilot Training System proposal—two days ahead of schedule
              March 24, 2017 Boeing T-X completes four flights in one day—demonstrating maturity of design
              March 2, 2017 Tweet: Second Boeing T-X aircraft completes production
              Jan. 23, 2017 Boeing T-X achieves multiple days of three flights a day
              Dec. 21, 2016 Boeing T-X completes second flight
              Dec. 20, 2016 Boeing T-X completes first flight, validates design for Air Force requirements
              Dec. 15, 2016 Boeing T-X taxis
              Sept. 13, 2016 Boeing reveals two production-ready aircraft, the cornerstone of the complete Boeing T-X advanced pilot training system
              Dec. 6, 2013 Boeing and Saab sign a joint development agreement to compete for T-X with an all-new, purpose-built design

              T-7A NEWS

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