Safety and Quality

              employees in safety gear

              Our Enduring Values of safety, quality and integrity are integral to all we do as we design, build and service the highest-quality, safest products. Our goal for employee safety is as clear and simple as our workplace safety program's name: Go for Zero. We aim to eliminate all workplace injuries by promoting an environment in which all employees go home as safe as when they came to work. This includes a holistic approach to preventing injuries at work and at home.

              We believe that every injury is preventable, and we commit to addressing all workplace hazards. We have used key standards to improve processes, implement engineering controls and make work safer. Over the past several years, we have mitigated more than 25,000 hazards and in 2018 received the Robert W. Campbell Award for integrating environmental, health and safety management with business operations as a cornerstone of corporate excellence.

              But we know that safety improvement is a constant endeavor. We continue to identify gaps and measure progress using standard approaches, ensure our internal compliance requirements exceed those set by government regulations, inform employees when they are working in a high-hazard area, and educate them on steps to avoid injuries.

              Each of us has the responsibility to ensure that safety and quality remain top priorities; we value human life and well-being above all else and take action accordingly. We continue to foster an open culture where our people are empowered and encouraged to speak up about any potential safety and quality concerns with the assurance that they will be taken seriously. From the beginning, safety has been Boeing's top priority, starting with the first Boeing Safety Council in 1917.

                Product & Services Safety

                employees in safety gear

                Boeing has always focused on the safety of its products, services and people. We are more committed than ever to our shared responsibility to design, build and maintain the safest products: Safe for all the teammates who design and build them, safe for the passengers who fly on them and safe for the people who service them.

                In 2019, Boeing affirmed the company's longstanding commitment by establishing an Aerospace Safety Committee with the primary responsibility to oversee and ensure the safe design, development, manufacture, production, operation, maintenance and delivery of the company's aerospace products and services.

                The company also stood up a new Product and Services Safety organization that will further strengthen the company's safety-first focus by unifying safety-related responsibilities previously managed by teams across several Boeing business and operating units. The organization also brings together teams across Boeing — and external talent where needed — to elevate awareness and reporting of, and accountability for, safety issues within the company, further improving enterprise-wide product and services safety.

                Other measures Boeing has taken based on recommendations from its Board of Directors include:

                • Coring up engineers throughout the company, including the new Product and Services Safety organization, so they report directly to Chief Technology Officer Greg Hyslop, whose focus will be on health and capability of the Engineering function and related needs of the company.
                • Establishing a Design Requirements Program to strengthen a culture of continuous improvement, learning and innovation.
                • Enhancing the Continued Operation Safety Program to raise visibility and transparency of all safety and potential safety reports.
                • Partnering with commercial and defense customers, and other stakeholders, to ensure flight deck designs continue to anticipate the needs of future pilot populations.
                • Expanding the role and reach of the company's Safety Promotion Center to reinforce Boeing's long-standing safety culture.
                • Deploying and expanding a comprehensive safety management system and safety review boards to standardize safety policy and objectives, share best practices, manage risk, assess performance, increase visibility and further strengthen the company's safety culture.
                • Launching an anonymous reporting system to encourage employees to bring forward potential safety issues that will be reviewed by the Product and Services Safety organization.
                • We know that lives depend on what we do. This is something we take personally at Boeing, and it strengthens our resolve to continuously improve the safety of everything we do.

                  Product & Services Quality

                  employees in safety gear

                  At Boeing, the safety and quality of our products are non-negotiable. Every day millions of people fly on a Boeing airplane. Military personnel around the world depend on our products to keep them safe. Our customers rely on our services to deliver value to their operations. We have strict methods that ensure our final products comply with design and regulatory requirements, and we constantly monitor our work to ensure the highest levels of quality, as well as adapt our inspection processes to meet evolving needs.

                  Boeing's Total Enterprise Quality initiative emphasizes the importance of quality to everyone, regardless of role, level or location. When everyone takes ownership of the quality of their work, our jobs become simpler, safer and more satisfying.

                  Total Enterprise Quality also aligns and amplifies the efforts being made across the enterprise to increase first-time quality so we can identify best practices and move forward in our quality journey together. By focusing on people, processes and tools, we equip employees across the company with what they need and have asked for in surveys to improve their individual first-time quality performance, including more training and development opportunities, processes and toolkits for problem-solving, and metrics tailored to their function and work statement. Total Enterprise Quality also works closely with suppliers to provide them with the tools they need to perform to our zero-defect standards.

                  Safety and quality are at the heart of everything we do: They are inseparable and immutable, and we do not put a price tag on either of them.